Fuel ConsumptionBlog
Influence of Vehicle Technical Condition and Driving Technique on Fuel Consumption
Due to a combination of economic, resource, political, and environmental reasons, the urgency of the fuel diversification problem is growing every year.
Synthetic Motor OilsBlog
Synthetic Motor Oils
Synthetic motor oils are manufactured based on high quality base oils with the addition of an effective additive package. Lubricants of this group are
Fuels and Heating OilBlog
Fuels and Heating Oil
Heating oil is sold in six different grades: Extra Light (EL), Low Sulphur EL, Light (L), Medium (M), Heavy (S) and Extra Heavy (ES). The L and M fuel
History of Oil How your Engine Oil is MadeBlog
History of Oil: How your Engine Oil is Made
For many people, oil means dirty black stuff. And that’s kind of true. But oil is actually a biological product. It was created more than 250 million
New Technologies in Natural Gas Exploration and ProductionBlog
New Technologies in Natural Gas Exploration and Production
Over the past few decades, the global gas industry in developed countries has become one of the most technologically advanced industries.
All about Natural GasBlog
All about Natural Gas: Composition and Properties, Extraction and Use of Natural Gas
Due to its high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness, natural gas, along with oil, is of paramount importance. It is widely used as a fuel
Oil Field Life CycleBlog
Oil Field Life Cycle
Field development stages Each oil field is unique and requires an individual approach. Every oil field developer knows this truth. At the same time, each
Seismic Surveys as an Oil Exploration MethodBlog
Seismic Surveys as an Oil Exploration Method
Seismic surveys are perhaps the most important of all surveys in oil prospecting and exploration. They can be used to obtain detailed information about
How Oil is Found Methods for Finding Oil DepositsBlog
How Oil is Found: Methods for Finding Oil Deposits
There are no more blank spots on the modern geographical map of the world. The surface of the Earth has been studied as well as possible.