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Aussie Callawonga-16 spudded

Cooper Energy reports that the Callawonga-16 development well in PPL 220 in Australia’s the Cooper Basin was spudded on 6 June.

As of 06.00 today, the well had been drilled to 187m (614ft) and was drilling ahead in 12.25-inch hole in the Winton Formation. 

Callawonga-16 is the fourth of a five-well campaign on the Callawonga oil field targeting previously undeveloped reserves in the McKinlay Member Sandstone. 

The three previous wells in the campaign – Callawonga-14, Callawonga-18 and Callawonga-15 – have been cased and suspended as future oil producers. 

Callawonga-16 has a prognosed total depth of 1,425m (4,675ft) and aims to further develop the interpreted structural high of the field. The well is expected to take six days to complete.